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Respect for All Week, March 27-31

Please join PS 503 in celebrating Respect for All during the week of March 27 - 31. The Department of Education promotes Respect for All as a system-wide response to bullying and harassment. We commit to keeping our schools safe, supportive, and free from discrimination. PS 503 joins this effort! Next week teachers will work with students on different Respect for All activities and we will show unity by wearing specific colors on different days to represent our focus. The best part is that the week will culminate with Family Friday at 8am on March 31st! We hope to see you there!

Respect For All

Wear a different color each day!!

Monday, March 27th: Pink to celebrate love for one another

Tuesday, March 28th: Green to celebrate respect for our planet

Wednesday, March 29th: Blue to stand up against bullying

Thursday, March 30th: Yellow to show that no one sits alone

Friday, March 31st: Family Friday!

Wear your grade color to show you are a team!

  • Kindergarten - Green

  • 1st Grade - Purple

  • 2nd Grade - Blue

  • 3rd Grade - Orange

  • 4th Grade - Yellow

  • 5th Grade - Red

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