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PTA Meeting

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Staff:

We would like to invite you to our Virtual PTA Meeting on Wednesday May 24, 2023 at 6pm. The PTA has a new president Larissa Gil who will be taking the position of President through succession. The position of PTA secretary is now vacant. We will hold elections for secretary at the PTA meeting.

PTA Secretary Responsibilities: Shall record minutes at all association meetings; responsibilities shall also include the preparation of notices, agendas, sign-in sheets and materials for distribution. Secretary will also attend monthly Executive Board and General Meetings (2 meetings per month).

If you are interested in running for the PTA Secretary position, please complete the Self Nomination Form.

Your support is very much needed and valued. We will also have information on our upcoming end of the year events.

Please see your email for the Zoom link to the meeting.

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