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PS 503 Field Day!! May 24 & May 25

Field Day is quickly approaching! We are looking forward to a day of sportsmanship, fun and friendship for all staff and students.

In order for your child to attend Field Day, please complete the Field Day Permission Form digitally for EACH CHILD. Students will not be able to attend without a signed form.

More details about Field Day:

  • Location: Bush Terminal Park - entrance on 43rd St & 1st Ave

  • Time: 9:30AM -1:00 PM

  • Dates:

  • May 24th- Grades 3-5 will attend

  • May 25th- Grades K-2 will attend

  • The Class Banner Parade will begin at 9:30 AM

  • School lunch will be provided for students

  • Students will arrive at Bush Terminal Park from school on school buses. Families can join us at the park and bring food to share with their child.

  • Students should wear sneakers, bring water, a towel and apply sunscreen

  • Students should wear a shirt matching the color of their grade:

  • K - white

  • 1 - blue

  • 2 - green

  • 3 - White

  • 4 - Blue

  • 5 - Green

We hope you are able to join your child on this fun day!

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